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Winning in Witney

As the by-election in Witney gets ever-nearer it'll be a case of all hands on deck - and your help is needed!


Liz is an old friend of mine and has been active in the party for many, many years. She was the candidate in Witney in 2005 – leading the party to a strong second place. Liz is an award-winning business woman and runs a company that trades across Europe. She was extremely active during the referendum campaign and I know she will be continuing to campaign on Europe to help her secure an excellent result in Witney.

If you have some spare time please, please head to Witney and help Liz out – I’ll be popping along whenever I have a spare moment so hope to see many of you there. If you want to find out more, email Jon Aylwin on [email protected] 

Let's make it a win in Witney!


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