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WHO report: Southampton, Oxford and Eastbourne among UK's most polluted cities

Southampton, Oxford and Eastbourne have been named as one of the most polluted cities in the UK in a report published today by the World Health Organisation.

key_Airpollution.jpgThe report found deadly pollutant PM2.5 was 14 milligrams per metre cube above WHO health guidelines and PM10 was 21 milligrams per metre cube above WHO health guidelines.

In the report it also said Britain must do more to improve air quality, as 80% of the 52 towns and cities on its database exceed health guidelines.

South East Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder, who is currently helping to draft the EU's new air limits, commented:

"This shows far more needs to be done to improve air quality in the South East.

"Current government plans would not clean up our air until 2020.

"That is not good enough, we need action now to tackle the health crisis being caused by air pollution.

"The Government must stop blocking sensible policies to protect air quality at a European level and put its full weight behind measures to improve the air that we all have to breathe."

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