WATCH: "We Want Our Country Back"

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WATCH: EU nationals in the UK and Brits in Europe are distressed and anxious

Catherine Bearder MEP European Parliament speech 17th May 2017:

5m European citizens are living their lives in constant frustration and a legal limbo.

There is a state of anxiety for 1000s of EU and UK citizens with 7% reporting depression and some even suicidal.

This is intolerable!

The 2 parties in Brexit need to quickly agree to guarantee EU citizens’ Right to Reside.

This is about treating people with dignity, allowing them plan their learning,
their loves
and their lives.

The British government must stop blaming and start acting governmental.

No posturing, no calculating, a “right out of the gate” comprehensive agreement.
All that is needed is one bold and generous political act.

British agencies must tear down the barriers they have erected which are causing daily frustration and fear for so many people.

Outside the convention of ‘Nothing is agreed till everything is agreed’

we need a comprehensive ‘right to reside’ agreement,

Our citizens desperately need our help now.

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