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VW scandal: MEPs demand tougher EU tests on diesel emissions

MEPs have demanded that tougher EU tests on pollution from diesel vehicles be urgently put in place in the wake of the VW scandal, following years of fraught negotiations with national governments over the need to introduce tests that reflect actual emissions on the road.

key_Airpollution.jpgIn a European Parliament resolution voted on today, with 493 in favour and 145 against, MEPs called for:

  • Real Driving Emission (RDE) tests to be introduced by 2017 at the latest

  • A full and transparent investigation into the scandal, with the EU Commission reporting back to MEPs by March 2016

  • A ban on practices used by carmakers to unfairly optimise test conditions - such as over-inflating tyres or removing wind mirrors

The vote comes after it emerged that both the Commission and the UK national government have been aware for years that diesel cars have been emitting more emissions than expected on the road.

Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder commented: 

"It's taken the VW scandal to bring this issue into the public domain, but the EU's flawed rules on diesel emissions have been an open secret for years.

"The truth is MEPs have long been fighting to put in place stricter tests, while national governments have resisted these life-saving changes because of lobbying from the powerful car industry.

"We now have the political momentum for a radical overhaul that will ensure carmakers cannot dodge the rules and real steps are taken to cut deadly pollution from diesel vehicles."


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