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Votes at 16

In October this year I met with representatives from youth forums, youth councils and youth wings of political parties to discuss lowering the voting age and how we can increase youth engagement with politics.


What became abundantly clear to me, through talking to these young people, was their desire to take ownership of their future. 

The biggest decision in a generation is facing us before 2017: Should we remain a member of the European Union? The outcome of this vote will have ramifications for our children and their children, it is only right that young people have a say in their own future.

A decision that will impact their ability to work abroad, to study and travel, that will determine the future prosperity of this country and the rights their children will enjoy - it is astonishing that right now, they will not be able to have a say to decide their own country's future.

So I am asking you to sign this petition to show your support for Votes At 16.

Will you sign?