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Visit to Port of Rotterdam port shows Brexit is a logistical nightmare

Last month I visited the Port of Rotterdam with my cross-party group of pro-European MEPs.



The Port of Rotterdam is Europe’s largest – it’s over 25 miles long and is the gateway to Europe but it the effects of Brexit they’re seeing there also reflect what’s going on at Ports all over Europe.

With 3,000 companies at the Port, they’ve already employed 750 extra customs officers to deal with the extra bureaucratic burden which is bound to ensue.

The Port operates a ‘Roll-on-roll-off’ system. Now, British supermarkets have a 2pm cut-off time to order something from the port to arrive at warehouses by 5am the next day. Our membership of the EU is what makes this possible – but this smooth process will almost certainly be burdened with added Bureaucracy if we remain outside the EU and the Single Market.

This could all impact on the way companies based in Britain operate and may well lead to cost implications for us, the consumers.

You can read a more in-depth account of the visit on The Independent here.

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