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Urgent action to keep EU’s Birds and Habitats Directives in UK needed to save endangered birds

More than one quarter of UK birds are 'Red Listed' and in need of urgent conservation effort with curlew, puffin and nightingale joining the growing list of threatened species, according to the RSPB.


RSPB Turtle Dove Species Champion, Catherine Bearder MEP, commented:

“Yet again we have news of a devastating state of the UK’s ever depleting stock of birds. This proves we are still losing ground and we must continue striving for strict legislation.

“The EU’s Birds Directive is one of the world's best environmental legislation and serves to protect over 500 bird species across Europe.

“I am absolutely terrified that recent leaks show the Tory government see Brexit as an opportunity to reduce vital protecting legislation.

“Migrating Birds cross borders, and habitats are affected by climate change. We must continue to work with our European neighbours to ensure our children and our grandchildren enjoy these stunning creatures for years to come.”


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