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Ukip pull out of debate with Lib Dems

Ukip Euro-MP candidate Janice Atkinson has pulled out of an In/Out of Europe debate, with Catherine Bearder MEP at the last minute.

key_debating.pngThe public debate was due to take place on this Wednesday (30th April) evening at Oakwood Park Grammar School in Maidstone.

Mrs Atkinson accepted Catherine Bearder's invitation to the head-to-head debate last month but has since contacted Catherine's office to say she would not be taking part.

Kent Euro-MP, Catherine Bearder, commented:

"I was looking forward to the debate and I think it's a real shame Janice has pulled out.

"By pulling out of this debate Ukip have cut their nose off to spite their face and have denied many people the opportunity to hear both sides of the story before they make up their minds.

"It is also a real pity as a number of pupils at the school were due to be attending the debate and I think they will now feel very let down."

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