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UKIP MEPs slammed for failing to turn up to 'Freedom of Panorama' vote

UKIP’s South East Euro MPs Ray Finch and Nigel Farage have come under fire after it emerged they failed to turn up to a crucial vote last week on Freedom of Panorama.


Freedom of Panorama is the right to freely use photos of landmarks and works of art located in public places.

In total half of UKIP’s 22 Euro MPs failed to vote, despite stoking fears that Britons could soon face legal action and even imprisonment for uploading photos of famous UK landmarks onto personal websites or Facebook.

In the end the European Parliament rejected the controversial proposal that would require photographers to get permission from copyright holders before commercially using photos or videos of landmarks such as Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower, as is currently the case in some countries including France.

This is following a petition signed by over 500,000 people across Europe calling for Freedom of Panorama to be extended not restricted.

Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder commented:

"After all the noise UKIP made about Freedom of Panorama, it is surprising to see only half of them bothered to turn up for the vote.

"Perhaps UKIP should spend more time standing up for their constituents in Brussels and less time spreading myths in the UK.

"I will now be working with others in the parliament to build on last week's vote and fight to extend freedom of panorama across Europe, so photographers are free to use photos of public places across the EU.

"I hope UKIP MEPs will support me on this, although I won't be holding my breath."

If you want to see Britain remain in Europe, working with our neighbours to have a seat at the table of the world’s largest economy, please sign Catherine’s petition here.

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