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UKIP has got questions to answer

It's time to put UKIP on the spot, Catherine Bearder MEP has said.


key_catherine.pngShe said: "UKIP better get its thinking cap on because it's got some questions to answer. We are hearing about the party's broader appeal and it has become a home for the disillusioned, angry and concerned.

"But I have heard nothing concrete from UKIP about how it would, if put in the position, run schools and social services? That concerns me.

"In the same breath it pledges to ring fence public services, yet nods reassuringly about capping council tax.

"How will its back-of-a-fag packet sums add up when council budgets are crunched? It has not a clue what makes our communities tick. So, let's put UKIP councillors on the spot."

Catherine added: "UKIP's attendance in the European Parliament is woeful. I also want assurances they will turn up to council meetings and involve themselves in local decisions. It's no more than local voters should demand."

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