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UKIP fill their coffers from sale of lion trophy

Catherine Bearder MEP is joining conservation charity LionAid in condemning the decision of the UK Independence Party to list a lion trophy in its fundraising auction at their party conference.

key_polarbear.pngThe trophy, listed as: "Lot #12. The skin, with head, of a lioness shot in Zimbabwe. (Reserve £200). Donated by Geoffrey Clark (who did not shoot it!). Current bid stands at £250" is placed alongside several items in UKIP's Gala Dinner Prize Auction to raise money for Nigel Farage's party.

South East euro-MP Catherine Bearder, who has begun working with LionAid to campaign for the sale of trophies such as this to be banned, commented on the auction:

"I am appalled and saddened to hear that Nigel Farage thinks it's acceptable for this sale to go ahead.

"While other MEPs are fighting to increase protection of this increasingly threatened species, Nigel Farage is seeking to profit from the sale of the dead body of one of these magnificent and iconic creatures.

"Buying trophies stimulates the market for more lions to be hunted. This sale demonstrates complete disregard for animal conservation.

"I join LionAid in demanding that this auction item be confiscated. A full investigation should be conducted to find out how this trophy came into the UK, and the legality of offering this item for sale."

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