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UK must not dither over EU membership

Keep Britain at the heart of the European Union, South East MEP Catherine Bearder said today (Tuesday, January 15).

key_catherine.pngCatherine urged David Cameron to put economic growth before pandering to Eurosceptics ahead of the Prime Minister's speech on the UK's relationship with the EU.

Mr Cameron is on Friday expected to set out plans to repatriate powers from Brussels to Britain before offering the public a vote on a fresh deal.

But Catherine has warned against weakening Britain's position in Europe which could jeopardise 3.5 million UK jobs.

She said: "For 40 years, Britain has been the brains in shaping Europe's foreign policy and been at the helm of creating a more stable and prosperous world.

"It is little wonder other member states are struggling to understand the degree of Euroscepticism in the UK at the moment.

"They believe we get our own way. We have won many of the big fights to the huge benefit of the UK and wider European economy. We already have more opt outs than most countries.

"The UK is the third largest country in the union. Our voice and votes carry a lot of weight in all of the major decisions which impact our economy.

"None of the regulations Eurosceptics accuse the EU of landing on us have been passed without our acceptance over the years."

Catherine stressed the need for a frank and honest debate, which clearly sets out fact from fantasy in reporting the EU.

She added: "We cannot allow the debate to swamped with rubbish about 'devious directives' and 'meddling Brussels bureaucrats'.

"Those who pour scorn on our place in Europe are not keen for a straightforward debate on the facts, which is why I have started my Euromyth Buster campaign.

"The debate must be based on informed analysis of our long-term economic interest and businesses are already making their voices heard.

"We need global trade deals to spark growth and create jobs… risking a relationship which drives 50 per cent of our exports would be economic suicide."

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