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Turning up the heat this summer

Dear Reader, 

This newsletter is arriving whilst we ‘enjoy’ one of the sunniest and warmest summers on record. Some of us are struggling with the lack of rain and intense heat and whilst it’s lovely to enjoy warm evenings, we mustn’t forget to keep calm in the heat. Though this isn't something the Government seems to manage.


It’s taken two years for Theresa May to come up with a Brexit plan and just a few short days for it to fall apart at the seams. As the Tory party destroys itself from the inside, the country, and others across the EU look on in horror. We were promised ‘strong and stable’ but what arrived on the delivery truck was a flatpack cabinet with half its nails missing – and the doors are already falling off.

But, joking aside, it’s no laughing matter. We’re hurtling towards a no deal situation which could plunge our economy into chaos and see our employment rates crash.

We can and must do something, and I won’t give up the fight. While I’ve always tried to stay positive, I’ve been acutely aware that Mrs May just might cook up a fudge sweet enough to disguise the most bitter of Brexits. Now I am certain she definitely can’t.

The EU has become increasingly frustrated with the UK’s inability to negotiate and October is crunch time. There is no way everything will have been agreed by then – and the big companies are becoming increasingly open about their options, and small businesses are looking more worried about theirs.

That’s why it’s vital we keep pressing for a final say on the Brexit deal with the option to remain in the EU. I believe we are now much closer to it now. This summer is absolutely crucial so while that deck chair and glass of Pimm’s looks inviting, make sure you’ve helped spread the word somehow - delivered some leaflets, held a street stall or visited your MP to look them in the eye to get an answer!

If you’re a Lib Dem member look out for your local party’s summer campaign pack which offers you an 8-week campaign plan with info on how you can get hold of your materials. 

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