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Turn your anger into action

Dear Reader, 

We have just a year until the UK risks crashing out of the EU, that’s 52 weeks for us to turn around the most damaging peacetime event this country has ever seen.


Last time I wrote to you I mentioned public opinion and the mood in Westminster was moving in favour of a vote on the deal and I’m pleased to say this trend continues.

This is really encouraging news as, while there’s not really been any shift in the hard Leave or Remain camps, it is clear that when we speak to the unsure middle ground, we’re more likely to see that they are regretting Brexit. As more people begin to feel the pinch and see the downturn in the economy with businesses closing and prices rising, they see the Conservative government making a hash of the negotiations.

This month I’ve been attending numerous meetings in Westminster with the pro-European coalition groups of MEPs I convene. I’m pleased to say that my team managed to arrange a core cross-party team of MPs and MEPs and we are all now talking to their ‘softer’ colleagues in various political parties.

The various pro-EU groups have (nearly) all coalesced behind the position of calling for a vote on whatever the deal is that Theresa May and David Davis get from our EU partners.

All of this brightens my mood somewhat. There is still an uphill battle, but what’s clear is it’s all to play for! 


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