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Trafficking and adoption of children from Haiti in Europe

Today Catherine Bearder MEP submitted a written question to the European Commission on the current situation in Haiti and the threat of human trafficking.

Please see the full text below:

'The recent earthquake in Haiti has already destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives, but the greatest horrors may be yet to come for the countless children left orphaned and unaccounted for. UNICEF has issued several reports of children being removed from Haiti without due process or the proper documentation.'

'What steps is the Commission taking to ensure that none of these children are trafficked into Europe or across European borders, and that children adopted in Europe have been subject to the usual safeguard procedures?'

'What steps are the European services operating in Haiti taking to support the Haitian Government in boosting vigilance at exit points in order to prevent children being taken out of Haiti illegally?'

'Several EU countries have already accelerated the legal entry of eligible orphans from Haiti into their States. What efforts has the Commission made to establish a common EU position on fast-track adoptions from Haiti, and to prevent children who have not yet been properly assessed from being taken to Europe?'

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