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Tory MEPs vote to water down proposals to rebuild fish stocks

A European Parliament move to block attempts to rebuild Europe's dwindling fish stocks has been branded short-sighted by Euro MP Catherine Bearder.

key_greenpeace.pngRight-of-centre members of the parliament, including Tory MEPs, yesterday <<Wednesday>> decided not to back changes to help rebuild fish numbers.

They claimed the European Commission plan would risk hardship for fishermen who would have to cut back on hauls and allow more fish to breed.

But Catherine Bearder, a Euro MP for the South East, said opponents had instead destroyed the long-term future of the fishing industry.

She said: "They just don't get it do they? There are not enough fish in the sea. How short-sighted can you possibly get!

"Time and time again the Conservatives attack the Common Fisheries Policy, but now there is a chance to reform it and they side with those opposed to change.

"How hard is it to understand if we don't rebuild Europe's fish stocks there will be virtually no fishing industry left to save?"

Catherine recently visited fishermen in Eastbourne who are worried about the increasing influence of big fishing fleets in European waters.

She explained, although the vote was not binding, campaigners for reform of the policy are worried about the precedent it will set.

Greenpeace is encouraging local people to add their voice to the campaign by visiting:

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