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Tory MEPs refuse to back their own Commissioner in EU vote

Conservative MEPs today confirmed they would abstain in a European Parliament vote to approve the new European Commission, which includes the UK's new EU Commissioner and Conservative Peer Lord Jonathan Hill.

key_catherine.pngLiberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder commented:

"There was a real cross-party effort to build support for Lord Hill amongst MEPs so he could become EU Commissioner for financial services, a sector vital for the UK economy.

"For the Tories to now turn round and fail to back him is another sign they are becoming indistinguishable from UKIP and that they will not stand up for British interests in Europe."

The vote on whether to confirm the new European Commission will take place today at 10:45 BST. The result of the vote, including how individual MEPs voted, will be made available on the European Parliament website here shortly after.

Note: Since writing this the vote has taken place and six Tory MEPs voted in favour, three against and nine abstained.

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