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Time to take biodiversity seriously

Commenting on the publication of the UK Biodiversity Indicators by DEFRA this afternoon, life-long environmental campaigner Catherine Bearder MEP said:


key_tacklewildlife.png"The UK biodiversity indicators are a mixed result. Progress has clearly been made in some areas, but in others much more must be done to preserve the UK's rich biodiversity."

"What's clear is that biodiversity is finally being taken seriously at both a political and a societal level. Over the last decade funding has increased for programs fighting against the loss of biodiversity, and the number of volunteers joining our cause is steadily rising."

"The new coalition government has built on this by setting out clear policies on the issue."

"I have tabled a declaration* before the European Parliament calling for more work to be done to protect biodiversity. If you care about the environment write to your MEPs and get them to sign it."

"The EU must work towards a system of protection that acknowledges the true economic and social value of biodiversity and ecosystems."

"It is cheaper to protect our biodiversity today than it will be to replace it tomorrow, if it would even be possible. Extinction is looming for much of our wildlife and extinction is forever."

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