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Time to end roaming rip off

The practice of charging people for calls they receive while abroad has taken a step closer to being scrapped.

key_cbphone.pngInformation Commissioner Neelie Kroes is launching a new initiative to accelerate the process where the EU has been bringing down mobile phone charges for Brits abroad.

The Liberal Democrats in the EU want to see roaming charges abolished by 2015 and it is starting to look as if they will get their way.

Catherine Bearder, local MEP, said: "This is good news for British business and British consumers.

"A few big companies have kept prices outrageously high by creating artificial barriers between countries. Now these will be swept aside, creating opportunities for business and benefits for consumers.

The reductions in roaming and data charges will also help UK tourism, one of the biggest and fastest growing sectors in the South East.

From 2012 to 2014, EU laws will have forced the cost of mobile data down from around 65p per MB to less than 20p. The cost for receiving a phone call has dropped by more than half and the new laws would see that cost disappear altogether.

Catherine added: "Charging someone to receive a call is crazy, how are people supposed to know if you are away or not?"

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