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The Official Campaign Begins







 Dear Reader,

EU referendum: official campaign begins

What a month! Last week the official referendum campaign began and already we've had a huge range of people from all parts of society coming out in favour of staying in Europe. I went to visit a farm...and have been delighted to see the National Farmers Union has come out in favour of staying in. midwives. On top of that we've had everyone from the IMF to trade unions, and now even President Obama, making the case why Britain is safer and better off inside the EU. There's plenty you can do get involved in our campaign, read on to find out more.



Cracking down on poachers and wildlife criminals

After years of campaigning on this issue I am delighted that the EU this week launched plans to crack down on wildlife traffickers and poachers who are threatening some of our best-loved species with extinction. This is exactly the kind of global issue that we can best tackle by acting together in Europe.



Standing up for victims of human trafficking

As many of you know I've long been a passionate campaigner on the issue of human trafficking, which is a huge issue across the South East. So I was delighted to get the overwhelming backing of MEPs in a committee vote on my report, which calls on governments to ensure victims of human trafficking are given the care and compassion they deserve.



Urging students in South East to study abroad

The Erasmus exchange programme has given 77000 students in the South East the chance to study abroad in recent years. I've been urging local apprentices and students across the region to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.



United in the fight against terrorism

Brussels is still reeling from the terrible events of last month. Me and my staff were working at the European Parliament when the explosions struck, and we were shocked to hear on the news what was happening just up the road. My heart goes out to all the victims of these cowardly attacks and their loved ones, as well as all those brave people who rushed to help them. The city is still tense, but things are returning to normal and people are determined to get on with our lives and not let the terrorists win.

Euromyth: cabbages

It was recently claimed that there are 26,911 words of EU law on the sale of cabbage. Luckily the BBC has thoroughly debunked this myth here. In fact the EU's regulation on cabbages was only 2000 words long, and it was actually repealed in 2009. So the true figure? Yes that's right, it's now zero.



Did you know? MEPs can propose EU law

It's up to the Commission to propose EU legislation, after getting political steer from governments. But MEPs also have a role in initiating EU laws. One way to do this is through a Written Declaration, which needs the backing of half of MEPs to succeed. I've launched one recently calling for an EU ban on microbeads in cosmetic products which are doing huge damage to our oceans. I've got almost 200 MEPs on board, you can add your support by signing my petition here.



Catherine Bearder MEP


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