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Tackling Trafficking in Kent

Last night Catherine Bearder MEP visited the Kent Community Against Trafficking (KCAT) after she was invited to speak to them about her work in the European Parliament and experiences of the fight against human trafficking.

key_kcat.png"It was fantastic to meet this community group and to see the variety of people that make it up."

"I know from speaking to police officers and trafficking NGOs how important groups like this are in raising awareness of the issue and providing information to help the police."

"This is why I want to do all I can to help with setting up and supporting these groups throughout the South East."

Catherine spoke with the group about her campaign to "Stamp Out Trafficking at Our Olympics" and on the need for the British Government to opt-in to the EU Trafficking Directive.

Catherine added:

"I look forward to continuing working with KCAT in the build up to the Olympics, for the remainder of my term, and beyond."

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