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Stop passing the buck across the Channel

Once again the residents of Kent were forced to pay the costs of a French industrial dispute as SeaFrance was forced to cancel many of its Easter weekend services.


In response to the disruption caused by the industrial disputes the infamous Operation Stack was deployed, causing Kent to become gridlocked.

Catherine Bearder, Kent's Euro MP, commented on the incident. She said, "I hope this dispute will soon be resolved, but in the meantime we must continue to develop better ways to handle the blockages that cause gridlock to the whole of Kent"

"Again the French government has failed to take responsibility for the disruption caused in South East England by industrial action in France."

"The people of Kent are being made to foot the bill for a dispute they have nothing to do with.

"If the costs are not wholly absorbed by SeaFrance, the French government should have the integrity to cover the rest rather than passing the buck across the channel."

"Since 2005 Operation Stack has cost Kent Police nearly £5 million. Just think what this could have been spent on if these disruptions had been better planned for."

"These figures of course don't even include the additional costs to residents and local business."

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