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Stop dumping e-waste on our neighbours

Euro MPs today backed tougher action to tackle the spiralling problem of dangerous electronic rubbish.

Around one million tonnes of so-called e-waste from old TVs and radios to trashed mobile phones and computers are thrown out in the UK each year.

The EU has been forced to take action in a bid to control the amount of e-waste winding up in illegal landfill sites around the world.

Catherine said: "Europe is still dumping on its neighbours, despite our previous rules and regulations.

"Too much of our waste is ending up polluting the lives of Africans. It is a very toxic waste stream pouring out of Europe."

The new rules will set fresh targets for the recovery, recycling and re-use of e-waste for all EU members states.

Catherine added: "We must make it harder for criminals to export gadgets that we send for recycling.

"They are ending up in Africa where they are burnt, releasing toxic fumes or picked apart by hand causing toxic burns and worse to those men, women and children who earn tiny amounts of money risking their health with this work.

"These renewed proposals are much overdue. But they will be worthless unless we enforce their provisions in every member state and stop the exports now.

"We owe this to ourselves and our currently abused neighbours."

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