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Spring into Action!

Dear Reader,

In my last newsletter I said public opinion was beginning to swing in favour of a vote on the Brexit Deal and I am pleased to say this demand doesn’t seem to be letting up.


Of course, it isn’t going to be easy getting that vote – that’s in the hands of our Westminster politicians - but I am hearing that opinion is beginning to change on the green and red benches too.

That’s why we need to be doing all we can to shift public opinion on the need for a vote which will in turn force the hands of MPs and Lords now.

In Brussels, many of the people and institutions have their minds on the plethora of other legislative demands that were there before Brexit - but we still have goodwill and we must still be seen to be fighting for the best possible outcome for all.

So, from where I stand it’s an incredibly exciting and exhausting time. The campaign for an exit from Brexit is gathering pace – make sure you play your part!

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