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South East beaches could fail new EU standards for swimming

Local authorities across the South East need to redouble their efforts to ensure all swimming areas are safe according to new Europe wide standards for swimming. 

key_beach.JPGThe new standards follow advice from the World Health Organisation which looks to diminish harmful bacteria from public swimming areas, including some beaches in the South East.

Untreated sewage from local farms is often washed into the sea during periods of heavy rain.  Despite the fact that the Environmental Agency spent £2bn since 1990 to improve Britain’s sewage systems, some public spots in the South East will fail under the new standards.

Over the next five years water companies will spend £35om in improving water safety in public swimming areas. Members of the public who may be concerned when planning their holidays can visit the EA’s bathing water quality website for up to date bacteria levels.

Local European MP Catherine Bearder wants to see water treatment improve in the South East:

“Authorities need to take on board the new European standards and take swift action so that no one is effected by harmful bacteria in our public swimming areas.

“The new standards are rigorous, but they are there to help protect us. For extra precaution I recommend the public checks the EA’s bathing water quality levels before visiting public swimming areas.”

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