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Have you noticed anything different about this month's update?

We've decided to shake things up a bit with the design and content: more design and better content. But I don't like making changes without your approval, so have a read through and fill out the feedback survey at the end of the email - I'm looking forward to hearing your views!

As you all know - I'm rushed off my feet when I'm in the UK, speaking about why our membership of the EU is so important. So I thought I'd keep you informed of events I'm speaking at, in case you'd like to pop along and see me. It has a handy map function, just pop in your location and see if I'm speaking in a village hall near you!


Campaigning in Winchester

Recovering from a bad cough, I hit the streets of Winchester last week to speak to my constituents about what EU membership means to them. Then onto an active Lib Dem member's house for my first 'House Party' for lunch. Can you do the same in your local area? Download a pack from our Campaign Portal for tips on how to run one and keep your eyes peeled for a video I made on the day.


Cleaning Up Our Air

As the shocking levels of air pollution in our major towns and cities continues to dominate the headlines, I reflect upon the response to my Freedom of Information request from DEFRA this month. It's about time this government started acting in our best interests, not the powerful motoring lobby.



You Can Petition the European Parliament

You can petition the EU on an issue you think needs attention. It is now a fundamental right of any EU citizen (enshrined in the Treaties!). Any citizen, acting individually or jointly with others, can exercise this right of petition to the European Parliament. This means everyone can communicate with their democratically elected parliamentarians and call your representatives to account! If you are campaigning on an issue that affects the EU you might consider giving it a go. You can find out more and start a petition here.


Myth-Buster: EU accounts signed off for 8th year in a row!

Despite what many Eurosceptics will be peddling, the EU accounts have been signed off by the European Court of Auditors for the 8th year in a row. This clean bill of health puts to bed outlandish claims to the contrary and we should be screaming it from the rooftops! Want more detail? Read it here.


Catherine Bearder MEP


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