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Saying Yes! to Fairer Votes in Oxfordshire

Catherine Bearder MEP joined the volunteers of Yes to Fairer Votes in Oxfordshire to cam paign for a yes vote in the AV referendum on May 5th.


Catherine joined the volunteers in the phone bank in the morning and took to the streets with a stall in the heart of Oxford in the afternoon.

Catherine said:

"It was great getting on the phones and on the streets to help the Yes campaign in Oxford. I plan do more volunteering before polling day."

"We now have less than a month to go until the referendum, so do check out the Yes to Fairer Votes website here where you can buy a Yes! t-shirt, make calls from home or your local phone bank - as after all, this is a people's campaign, and we need all the help we can get!"

You can find out more about Yes to Fairer Votes Oxfordshire here, or join them on Facebook to see how you can help here.

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