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Saying Yes! to Fairer Votes in Kent

On Good Friday Catherine Bearder MEP was in Kent joining a street stall in Tunbridge Wells and a fantastic "Purple Picnic in the Park" in Canterbury. The picnic was set up by the local Yes to Fairer Votes team and was a fantastic way to demonstrate the support for a Yes vote and speak to local residents.

key_yestofairer.pngCatherine said:

"We now have just over a week to go until the referendum, so please help spread this message and tell your family and friends that a vote for AV will make all their future votes more powerful. We're finding that when people understand what AV will mean for our politics, they like what they hear."

"In the final stint please do visit the Yes to Fairer Votes website here to find out more about how you can get involved, or contact your local LibDem party to see what they're up to."

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