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Rights of child must be guaranteed in international adoption

Catherine Bearder MEP has demanded the European Commission ensure the protection of children is paramount in international adoption.


A number of international agreements exist to safeguard the rights of children in Europe, but thanks to the Lisbon Treaty the European Commission now has a legal obligation to ensure children "have the right to such protection and care as is necessary for their well-being." (Article 24 of the Lisbon Treaty)

Catherine Bearder said:

"International adoption is occurring more and more as barriers between countries are being broken down."

"To guarantee the protection of children, we must have coordinated and consistently high rules for international adoption."

"EU member states have committed themselves to working together to achieve high standards, but this isn't always seen on the ground."

"Thanks to the Lisbon Treaty the Commission must now ensure countries uphold their commitments on this issue."

"Urgent measures must be taken to react to the phenomenon of abuse and trafficking in children, which as a report released today shows is on the rise within European."

"If a country is failing in its obligation to protect children it must be named and shamed."

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