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Resolution on EU clean air and recycling laws collapses after Conservative MEPs pull out

Negotiations over a European Parliament resolution on the Commission's 2015 Work Programme have broken down after the centre-right EPP and Conservative ECR groups decided they did not want to take part.

key_airquality.png Environmentalist campaigners had hoped the resolution would send a strong  signal to the European Commission that it should not withdraw or water  down proposed EU air quality and recycling targets.

 Separate resolutions will now be voted from each political group tomorrow  (Thursday 15th  January), but it is unlikely any will receive the majority  needed to pass.

 Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder, lead negotiator for the Liberal  group on the new air          quality limits, commented:

 "Conservative MEPs have utterly failed to stand up for measures to improve air quality and resource-efficiency.

"Unfortunately, what could have been a strong, united position from the European Parliament has collapsed due to narrow political interests.

"However, there is still a chance to send a strong signal tomorrow to the Commission that these green measures should not be withdrawn or watered down.

"We must not give up the fight for cleaner air and a stronger, greener economy."

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