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Repeal Bill will allow Government to erode legislation ‘by the back door’ says MEP

Today the Government has published its Repeal Bill.

The Repeal Bill seeks to enact all EU treaties and laws into domestic law.


Transposing EU law into UK law throws up a raft of questions as the process doesn’t respect the fluid nature of law, especially when it comes to environmental protections. The Repeal Bill is also limited in its scope until the Government knows the exact nature of the Brexit Deal we end up with.

None of the existing EU legislation the UK is party to is guaranteed under the Repeal Bill. It will be transposed into legislation but a Medieval law crafted under Henry VIII means it can be repealed or amended without a vote in Parliament.

Catherine Bearder MEP, commented:

“The Repeal Bill doesn’t come as a shock but begs the question – just how does Brexit mean we are ‘taking back control?’

“What it means is our existing legislation is at risk if the Government decides to repeal or amend it by the back door.

“It is my fear the Government will seek to erode any laws they see as ‘red tape’ bit by bit – particularly hard-fought environmental regulations - without even so much as a nod to the full Parliamentary process.”


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