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Poor air quality costs British business 6 million lost workdays every year

Today the European Commission has published a “European Implementation Review” package which assesses how well each EU country is doing in terms applying EU environmental legislation.

key_airpolllondon.pngIn the UK specific report it says that the UK’s air quality “continues to give cause for concern”.

It also states that the health-related costs of air pollution are around £24 billion every year for the UK. These costs are calculated by the 6 million workdays lost each year by British Business to sickness from air pollution, healthcare costs to the NHS and crop failures. 

Lib Dem MEP and air quality campaigner Catherine Bearder said:

“Breathing clean air should be a basic human right and not a risk to our human health.

“It’s British businesses in the end who has to pick up the bill for poor air quality.

“It’s time the government started taking proper care of its citizens by investing in clear air solutions to cut down on pollution, which will save money and lives.”

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