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Oxfordshire businesses leading charge for sustainable timber

Abingdon-based business Helveta, are leading the fight against illegal logging in our planet's treasured rain forests.


key_forestlogo.pngHelveta has produced supply chain technology to help businesses and countries meet their environmental and legal obligations. Their software allows timber merchants to prove that their timber was logged legally and sustainably.

New EU agreements have been signed with Cameroon and the Republic of the Congo on the timber trade. Companies exporting timber are now required to prove their timber was logged sustainably. Any company than cannot do this will not be allowed to export to the EU.

After meeting with Philip Briscoe to hear about the work Helveta are doing, Catherine said:

"Helveta are a great example of how the technical expertise we have here in South East England can be used to save the rain forests along the planet's tropical belt."

"Ten years ago, who'd have thought we could tackle illegal logging simply by giving trees barcodes?"

"The rain forests are our planet's lungs - its natural defence against carbon emissions. Illegal logging is causing huge environmental damage and if it isn't stopped we'll eventually lose our forests."

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