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Operation Stack must go

Catherine Bearder MEP has met with representatives from Kent Police to discuss the controversial Operation Stack.

key_opstack.pngOperation Stack is carried out by Kent Police whenever the Channel Tunnel or Ferry ports in Kent are closed. The M20 motorway is used as a car park for goods vehicles waiting to cross the channel. Whenever Operation Stack occurs there is huge disruption to local communities in Kent.

Catherine said:

"Operation Stack was meant to be used in exceptional circumstances but it's occurring far too frequently."

"We need to find a better alternative to dealing with congestion when drivers can't cross the Channel."

"Operation Stack not only causes huge disruption to local communities, it comes at a very high cost to the police. The money it costs to carry out Operation Stack could be used elsewhere."

"I've heard some interesting ideas from local groups on alternatives and I hope to explore some of them in more detail."

"There is much debate over what could replace Operation Stack, but what unites all sides is a common belief that Operation Stack is not the solution."

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