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Olympic Torch Relay Comes to the South East

South East England MEP Catherine Bearder has welcomed the arrival of the Olympic torch relay to the region and was there to attend a special event at the Iffley Road track in Oxford this morning.

Sir Roger Bannister carried the torch for the first leg on the Iffley Road running track which takes his name and is the iconic location of his famous sub-four minute mile set in 1954. The torch has now continued its journey into Berkshire and will visit every part of the South East Region over the next two weeks.

Catherine said: "It's been fantastic to see how many people are coming out to greet the torch. The crowds I saw yesterday were at least ten people deep and I know they'll be similar scenes across the whole region.

"There's a lot of sporting history to be proud of in the South East, not least the phenomenal achievement of Sir Roger 58 years ago.

"The torch relay has proved that the Olympics is about so much more than sport and it's engaging and exciting for everyone."

The relay will now continue to travel around the region with its last stop in Guildford on July 20thbefore it heads into London for the final legs before the games begin on July 27th.

You can find out when the torch will be passing by your area here.

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