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Blow for EU renewable energy strategy

Today the European Parliament voted down the EU's Energy Security Strategy by 315 votes to 277.

key_nuclear_fusion.pngThe Energy Security Strategy was designed to limit Europe’s reliance on Russian gas while increasing investment and innovation in the renewables sector, including nuclear fusion, to enable the EU to reach its 2030 energy and climate goals.

In a vote that took place in Strasbourg today, South East Euro MP, Catherine Bearder, a long term campaigner for renewable energy voted in favour of the strategy.

Catherine Bearder commented: “Today we had a real chance to release Europe from the shackles of Russian gas and drive forward the renewables agenda.

“Instead MEPs from the centre-right EPP group split down the middle with Polish and German MEPs committed to relying on Russian gas and burning coal.

“At a time when world leaders are recognising the threat of fossil fuels, this is  a real block to reaching our 2030 goals for a greener and more sustainable Europe.


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