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Not giving up hope - we can and must stop this.

Dear Reader, 

I seem to spend my life travelling across the continent these days - Paris, Brussels, Strasbourg, London - and all I ever talk about is Brexit - and the picture is bleak.


I’ve also hosted meetings on how family law will be thrown into disarray, met with visiting members of the National Liberal club, and even squeezed in a trip to a conference in Rwanda to discuss regional development - and, of course, Brexit!

I’ve worked for years internationally and the thought of the UK tearing itself away to isolation fills me with horror. 

But, and it is a big but, I am still motivated to fight on. We seem to be on the winning side too. Recent polls have shown there has been a lurch in favour of a ‘vote on the deal’ – one poll putting support for a say at 53% with 31% against.

Of course, polls are not always the best gauge of public opinion and we cannot rest on our laurels, but the frustration of voters and businesses with Mrs May’s Tory Government and the lack of opposition from Corbyn’s Labour Party is growing by the day – the recent drama in the Cabinet with splits on the Customs Union is yet another reason the British public must be given a say on the final deal.

Did you catch me and my colleagues on Channel 4 at 10pm on Wednesday? If you missed it, you can catch up and watch for the next two weeks. It's a tongue in cheek account (you wouldn't expect anything less) but fingers crossed it gives you some idea of the work we do.

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