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No to new runways at South East airports

No new runways should be built at Heathrow, Stansted or Gatwick airports, Catherine Bearder MEP urged today.

key_heathrow.pngResponding to the Davies aviation report Catherine emphasised the Liberal Democrat opposition to the expansion of airport capacity in the South East, particularly at Heathrow, because of serious environmental concerns.

Catherine said: "Aviation has the potential to become one of the greatest threats to the global environment.

"There is no doubt unmitigated expansion of aviation would cause the UK to miss its carbon reduction targets."

Catherine has argued for the Government to look at airport provision across the whole country, rather than overloading the South East.

Last year, she backed the Liberal Democrats new aviation strategy voted through at their Federal Conference.

The main points included:

- Pushing for better use of existing capacity in the South East and at regional airports to meet short to medium-term demand

- Firmly rejecting London Mayor Boris Johnston's Thames Estuary airport idea

- No new runways at Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted airport

Catherine added: "Lib Dems will not endorse an expansion in airport capacity which would increase current noise pollution for the hundreds of thousands of residents living beneath the flight path, or which would break the Committee on Climate Change's recommendations on aviation, which are needed to meet our carbon reduction targets."

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