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More good news for the British tourist!


I am sure you will know by now how fed up I am of only hearing about the 'bad stuff in Brussels'. Most of the time it's not even true (as you'll see on my Euromyth Buster page) - it's about time all of the good stuff that gets done is talked about!

That’s why, when we get good deals for British consumers I’m only too eager to spread the news as far as I can. Last month it was an end to data roaming fees for British tourists in Europe – something I’d been fighting for with my ALDE colleagues for years. It was a brilliant expression of how the EU makes the lives of Brits easier and saves us money to boot – only possible when all countries work together.

This month another proposal came through to make British tourists happy: UK holidaymakers will be able to access online services such as Netflix, Sky Sports and iPlayer while travelling in Europe under EU proposals.

It's not been voted in yet - but it's a great example of what countries working together in the EU can achieve for individual British holidaymakers. Under the proposal, whether you're on the Costa Del Sol or the Algarve, you can watch Doctor Who or House of Cards to your hearts content. I'm personally partial to David Attenborough's epic The Hunt! 

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