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My challenge to Andrea Leadsom: Protect EU funding for vulnerable wildlife

After an exclusive report by the Independent on the threat to funding for critically endangered wildlife in UK Overseas Territories, I have written to Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom calling on the Government to guarantee this funding. 

UK Overseas Terrorities are home to some of our most endangered ecosystems and biodiversity. Many species including whales, penguins and seabirds will be put at risk if the Government does not protect European funding after Britain has left the EU.

As Theresa May looks to trigger Article 50 next week, we must be in a position to give the utmost assurance to those who are working to protect our threatened species. Once the UK leaves the EU, UK Overseas Territories will not be able to access this vital EU funding and will be unable to apply for new grants.

The UK's capacity to protect endangered wildlife rests upon our ability to work across borders and share resources. We must not let this Government's reckless Hard Brexit undermine this.


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