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More must be done to reduce fuel poverty

Families still battling to keep down the cost of energy bills despite a drop in the number of homes in fuel poverty, Catherine Bearder MEP has said.


The number of households in fuel poverty fell from 5.5m households in 2009 to 4.75m in 2010, according to the 2012 Annual Report on Fuel Poverty Statistics.

A household is regarded as being in fuel poverty if more than 10 per cent of income is spent keeping the home warm.

Catherine said: "It is good news fuel poverty went down in 2010, but we should not be complacent.

"We should work hard towards eliminating fuel poverty in the South East.

"I would encourage everyone who is eligible to apply to the Warm Front scheme, which provides insulation and heating improvements to reduce costs and keep people warm.

"Households should also use price comparison websites to switch to the cheapest energy provider and reduce their bills.

"Through the coalition's Green Deal, every household will be able to insulate their houses from next autumn without any upfront costs.

"This will help cut energy bills, create jobs and a greener economy."

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