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MEPs will demand treaty change for single EU seat

A court decision to block plans to merge two Strasbourg European Parliament sessions into one week has been branded wasteful.

key_singleseatcb.pngCatherine Bearder MEP said there was now a compelling case to change the treaty and remove the need for an EU base in Brussels and Strasbourg.

The European Court of Justice today (Thursday, December 13) ruled against MEPs who wanted to merge two Strasbourg sessions into one week in October.

Catherine said: "There is absolutely no defence for this mammoth waste of 180 million Euros worth of tax-payers money every year.

"The endless slog every month to Strasbourg is entirely unnecessary and squanders hours and hours of valuable time.

"The travelling circus belches out an extra 19,000 tonnes of CO2 as well. It is wasteful beyond belief. What more reason do they need?

"A huge majority of MEPs and people across Europe are shouting for one seat and we will examine our powers to initiate a treaty change."

You can find out more about the Single Seat campaign at

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