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MEPs given access to confidential TTIP documents in boost for transparency

MEPs will now have access to all confidential documents related to TTIP, a trade deal being negotiated between the EU and US. This will include previously restricted texts that outline the US position in the trade deal.

key_CATHERINE_IN_GROUP.jpgFollowing pressure from the public and MEPs, all but the most sensitive TTIP documents have already been made available online. These include the EU's negotiating texts and summaries of what has been discussed during the talks so far.

Now MEPs will be able to read the most confidential and sensitive documents in a secure reading room in the European Parliament, take handwritten notes and use the information to hold negotiators to account.

Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder commented:

"This is an important boost to the transparency and accountability of the TTIP negotiations.

"As a Liberal I am a strong believer in free trade, but it must be fair trade too.

"MEPs will now be able to scrutinise all aspects of this deal, allowing them to hold EU trade negotiators accountable and report back to their constituents.

""I will be working with my European Liberal colleagues on the Trade Committee to carefully assess these documents.  We must make sure, on the public's behalf, that no threat is posed to our public services or environmental standards."

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