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MEPs call for tough new measures to tackle deforestation and unsustainable palm oil production

Today in the European Parliament, Environment Committee Euro MPs have called for immediate action to ensure palm oil entering the EU’s market is fully sustainable.

key_palmoil.pngThe suggested measures include:

  • A single palm oil certification scheme that guarantees only sustainably produced palm oil is sold in the EU
  • An immediately recognisable sign for all products containing palm oil to confirm that they are sustainably certified
  • Phase out the use of unsustainable palm oil, or vegetable oils in biofuels that specifically drive deforestation

Lib Dem MEP Catherine Bearder said:

“Simply removing palm oil from all products on our supermarket shelves will not stop deforestation - alternative tropical oils may end up taking palm oil’s place.

“The key for EU countries is to ensure all palm oil entering the EU is 100% sustainable, is traceable back to the source and that the consumer knows what they are buying.

“On the issue of biofuels, it is important to realise that we are only talking about phasing out oils that drive deforestation.”

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