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MEP to visit innovation start-ups at the University of Kent

Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder will today (Tuesday, 16 July) tour the Enterprise Hub and the Canterbury Innovation Centre based at the University of Kent as part of a visit to organisations and businesses in the county that have created jobs.


key_jobs2.pngCarole Barron, Director of Innovation and Enterprise at the University of Kent, said: "We are delighted Catherine Bearder is coming to the University as part of her tour of Kent, visiting organisations and businesses that have created jobs and apprenticeships.

"Canterbury Innovation Centre and our Kent Enterprise Hub are making a real difference to local communities."

Recent new figures have shown that the University of Kent's Enterprise Hub has to date made a £3.87m impact on the local economy. The figures - provided by the National Council of Graduate Employment - follow the announcement of three new businesses joining the Hub in the last three months.

As well as assisting almost 60 new start-up businesses and helping to create over 110 new jobs since it opened in 2010, the Hub continues to attract a host of start-ups.

The Kent Enterprise Hub is a dedicated support for student, graduate and staff start-up businesses. Companies can operate from within the Hub's facilities, whilst accessing advice, support and knowledge from business experts.

Existing companies at the Hub range from staff and student start-ups that include various high-tech and cutting edge science research organisations, which have attracted East Kent expansion funding and large amounts of private capital investment, alongside smaller life-style businesses. One business which was based at the Hub recently sold for almost £6 million.

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