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MEP in talks to ensure associate EU citizenship on the table

A plan to offer associate EU citizenship to citizens of former EU countries has been tabled in the European Parliament this week.


The plan, tabled by a liberal MEP from Luxembourg, could mean British citizens who choose the new status would be able to continue to travel freely and live on the continent – rights they may not automatically have after Brexit.

Catherine Bearder MEP has been in discussions with liberal colleagues across the European Parliament to ensure the plan has come to the table.

She commented:

“This plan is very much in its early stages and needs to be fleshed out.

“I shall continue to work with liberal colleagues across Europe and to reach out to members from other political groups to ensure it is explored further and we have broad political backing for this.

“The government owes it to the 48% to explore all measures that will protect their rights to live, travel and work abroad.

“This proposal offers a small but significant glimmer of hope.”

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