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MEP calls for the UK to take its fair share of refugees

Tomorrow the European Parliament will debate a pledge by the French President Francois Hollande to close the Calais camp by the end of this year.

key_cbcalais2.jpgAhead of the debate, Catherine Bearder, the Liberal Democrat MEP for the South East of England said:

“The current situation in Calais is absolutely disgusting – it is unbelievable we can be letting up to 10,000 people and 1000s of minors who suffer in this way.

“I want to send my message to the UK government loud and clear: The UK must take our fair share of refugees. We may be trying to leave the EU but that does not mean we can continue to turn our backs on this abhorrent situation. Refugees are refugees and under our commitments to UN conventions we should be stepping up to the plate.

“The Liberal Democrats campaigned hard to ensure the UK government accepted 3,000 child refugees from across Europe and I will be working with my party to ensure we continue to keep up the pressure on the UK government to take these children and soon.”

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