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MEP calls for stricter EU pollution curbs as deadly smog hits UK

Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder has called for stricter EU limits on farming emissions to reduce episodes of deadly smog like the one forecast to hit many parts of the UK this week.


A recent study has shown that dangerous bouts of pollution blamed on dust from the Sahara actually come largely from fertilisers and manure used by farmers on the continent. The smog is likely to visibly coat local residents’ cars in addition to soiling clean washing.

Catherine Bearder is a lead negotiator on EU proposals to curb emissions of major pollutants including ammonia that are being discussed in Brussels this afternoon.

She commented:

"People should be able to enjoy the sunshine without having to worry about deadly smog in the air.

"We need stricter limits on farming emissions across Europe to deal with this threat to people's health. 

"Leaving the EU won't make global problems like this go away, we must continue working together with our neighbours to solve them."

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