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Local MEP goes back to school

This Monday local Euro MP Catherine Bearder joined students from Gravesend Grammar School for Girls to take part in their Citizenship Campaign Challenge.

key_cbbacktoschool.pngYear 9 girls presented their ideas to Catherine on what would make a good campaign during their weekly citizenship class.

Catherine commented:

"It was fantastic to hear so many great ideas today, ranging from cheaper school uniforms to improving care for victims of assault."

"Politics is fuelled by the people that take part in it. Despite the problems that have engulfed it over the last several months, these students have shown politics is still very much alive."

"As long as there are still people who care about creating a better world, and campaigning on issues they care about, politics will always be full of life."

"I hope these students carry on campaigning on issues they're passionate about. Perhaps some of them may be the politicians of tomorrow. In the meantime I think there are many politicians who could do with borrowing some of these ideas!"

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