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Local Lib Dem MEP signs petition against cruelty to horses

Today Catherine Bearder MEP signed a petition to sop the cruel treatment of horses during transport across Europe.

The petition, championed by Lib Dem MEP Liz Lynne and signed by over 120,000 EU citizens, was handed over to the European Commission last week. It calls for action to be taken to ensure the implementation of EU animal welfare rules that apply to the long distance transportation of horses.

Currently, over 100,000 horses are transported long-distance across the Continent to slaughter every year in inhumane conditions, causing exhaustion, dehydration, injury and death. Liz Lynne has long campaigned for better conditions for the horses and has tabled a written declaration in the Parliament to push for an end to the needless suffering.

Catherine said, "the EU has worked hard to create rules to protect the welfare of animals, including of horses during long distance transportation. There is, however, a substantial body of evidence to suggest that these rules are being ignored, resulting in inhumane conditions."

Catherine argued, "we must pressure the commission to ensure that the rules protecting conditions for animals are effectively enforced, and there must be a suitable punishment for anyone that breaks them."

Liz Lynne MEP explained, "horses are being packed like sardines into steel lorries where temperatures can be above 40 degrees and might be transported for thousands of miles with no food or water, causing injury or even death."

People can help World Horse Welfare Make A Noise, by sending a postcard directly to the President of the European Commission. These can be obtained by calling 01953 497226 or by visiting

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